A picture of Herb Munson and wife, Carol


Herb and Carol Munson


     Who am I? Well, I am a husband, dad, grandpa ... a guy who loves God’s Word, but most of all I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been a pastor of four churches and led numerous Bible studies over the years. I have two degrees, a BS in Biblical Literature from Multnomah University (known at the time as Multnomah School of the Bible) in Portland, Oregon, and a BA in English Literature from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

       I have also been a truck driver, a courier for a hospital, a manager of two real estate offices, a mortgage broker, and a medical office manager. Right now, I am retired and live in Keller, Texas, in the vicinity of where our children live and where my son, Dave, headquarter's his Saddleback Leather Company  ( ... an Internet business set up to further God’s Kingdom. He and his wife, Suzette, manufacture and sell the world's coolest handmade leather goods including luggage, briefcases, duffle and water bags, travel cases, backpacks, satchels, totes, purses, accessories, iPad sleeves, gadget pouches, wallets and the like. And, for a real treat don't miss Dave’s tribute to his original and unique black lab, Blue, if you go to the Saddleback website. Blue was Dave’s sole and constant companion during his single and founding years of Saddleback.

     Carol and I have five married children. We also have sixteen grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

     Finally, one of my life goals has been to write commentaries on the Bible’s books of Genesis, Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation. These four books are indispensable in presenting a complete picture of end-time prophecy presented in the Bible. The Genesis commentary I call, First Work, the Daniel commentary, Kingdom Work, and the Revelation commentary is Strange Work. Matthew is currently under construction and is called King's Work.     

(updated January 27, 2024)